Welcome to Gold Coast Auto!  We are now located at Picasso Bar & Restaurant inside the gates of Coronado. Please call or email to book your rentals, we offer free pick up or delivery within a 5 mile radius. All of our cars are meticulously cleaned and maintained. We require a week minimum rental and offer long term rentals as well. If you are looking to purchase a car we have many available for sale or for a small fee we will help you find a car in the City. In addition, we help with the title transfer, registration and insurance. No need to worry about a car purchase in Panama! We will make it easy and painless to find a car the fits your budget and will meet your needs for years to come. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity and keeping a good standing in our beautiful little community.
Car Rentals & Sales in Coronado, Panama!
SUV's at $250/wk with insurance,taxes & unlimited miles.
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